Posted on September 5, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

In a world where you can order anything from your cellphone while laying in bed in your underwear, it’s about to get better. Yes you can avoid the annoying morning coffee lineup and even the grocery store these days, but you can now avoid those archaic mattress stores with corporate lighting and random bedroom setups scattered about as if laying on it for two minutes will be enough to make such an important purchase. Like most things in 2018, a remarkably more efficient solution has been created. And while most of these advances simply make the process of buying easier, Endy has made it easier and BETTER.

Better can be a vague word so let’s open up the Endy box and really break it down. Ok so you’ve placed an order online and now its’s time to receive that new mattress you desperately need. But gone are the days of that giant moving truck showing up and ripping your screen door off trying to squeeze the full size mattress in the front door. I got a knock at the door and sitting there like a well behaved dog was a box the size of a condo sized coffee table. It simply came by Canada Post delivery and I was blown away that my queen mattress was sitting comfortably in the box.

While the website and an accompanying booklet shares the details of unboxing the mattress, it’s pretty damn straightforward. Cut the tape on the box, open it up, pull out the air tight packaging, cut it out and simply watch the mattress come to life in seconds. It only took about one second for me to jump right on and get a taste of what I was so eager to try. The first you notice is just how supportive the foam of the mattress is. You don’t sink, you don’t bounce…it’s like you are perfectly cradled within the memory foam. In a strange way it FEELS high tech.

I hadn’t been so excited to get to bed since I finished one of those mud marathons last summer. It kind of felt like when you buy a new coffee machine and you’re excited to fall asleep just so you can wake up and test it out. It’s hard to really characterize having a great sleep other than calling it just that, great. I slept like a rock my first night and I’ve slept like a rock the 100 or so nights since. The truth is, there’s a few little things beyond just the comfort level that really made me appreciate adding the Endy to my life.

#1 | What I do really like the most is the energy and movement transfer. With sometimes 3 dogs in bed and often a laptop and a morning coffee, I can literally get in and out of bed without disturbing anyone or anything. I mean it…I can rest my coffee on the mattress and still move about without knocking it over. I like things in life that make life less annoying and this absolutely does that.

#2 | Temperature control. The only thing that can really keep me up at night is feeling hot. It can prevent me from falling asleep and it can wake me up suddenly in the middle of the night. While I noticed right away that I felt cool and unbothered every night, I had to do a little research to unearth why that was so. The construction of the mattress includes a temperature regulating top layer. The gel foam’s open air cell technology allows for great breathability.

#3 | The removable cover. Not only does the mattress look quite sharp with a two tone cover made up of a white quilted top with grey canvas like bottom, the cover is removable for cleaning. Whether you’re a clean freak like me or just the average guy who knows a good cleaning makes sense every so often, it’s a hugely appreciated feature for me.

So the last thing to talk about is simple, is the Endy worth the investment? My vote is yes. There hasn’t been a single con to my experience with my new mattress. Let’s face it, whether you live a carefree life or navigate through a rat race everyday, sleep is the ultimate recovery time to prepare us for the next day. It’s a place to rejuvenate, work and read, snuggle with loved ones and just kick back and relax. You deserve a great platform to lay your head. And now, you have the luxury to do it with a click of a button without the hassle.


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