Fragrance Feature: Artisan Pure

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

Yes, you should change fragrances between seasons. A soothing summer scent is a far cry from a rich scent ideal for fall and winter. No, this doesn’t make you high maintenance, it makes you a discerning, stylish man. But wait, is there a bottle out there that embodies a little bit of every season? Well yeah, there actually is.

Meet Artisan Pure. The newest piece of the John Varvatos fragrance collection and a hybrid fragrance capable of being worn all year long. The rule of thumb generally is a summer scent is characterized by floral and citrusy notes while a winter one is commonly made of more spicy, woody notes. Artisan Pure is a smooth fusion of both.

While some of us buy a new cologne because it simply “smells good”, it’s important to start getting a grasp on why it does, how it does and what sets it apart from others. No different than understanding the grapes of a wine. Scents are always inspired by something and somewhere. As you mature your senses and expand your portfolio of fragrances you’ll be able to pick up on notes like jasmine, wood, citrus, musk and about a billion other notes across the board.

Artisan Pure’s muse is the hills of Xalapa, Mexico. Hills lined with countless citrus and coffee groves and a true representation of natural purity. On the sharper side, the lemon and orange tones are absolutely what comes through first for me with subtler notes of cedar and jasmine to support. It’s fresh and breezy yet rich and luxurious at the same time.

Make a trip to the department store and give it a try. Let me know what you guys think.

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