Good, Hard Fun with Moxie’s

Posted on July 21, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

We all love a cocktail here and there and summer is the very best backdrop for it. While it’s nice sometimes to just post up on a patio, my favourite way to have a cocktail is when I’m doing something. Whether it’s shooting pool, playing catch on the beach, or sometimes even playing a dorky board game. I connected with my friends at Moxie’s last week and they invited me to one of their Hard Lemonade Pop-Up Patios they’ve rolling out all summer. I didn’t have a chance to make the ones earlier this summer but put a Saturday aside to check it out and take in the GWN Dragonboat Racing at Marilyn Bell Park.
Ok so I didn’t actually suit up and get my ass in one of the dragonboats but we did a pretty damn good job of kicking it at the pop-up patio playing tower jenga and watching the races. Its pretty impressive watching the teams paddle in unison like a gang of vikings in the black sea of a tv show. They move quick and as someone with a fitness background, I can tell just how much muscle endurance it takes to last even a minute doing that. Moxie’s was a great host and I respect the energy of building something so entrenched in the community and with a positive vibe. It was cool to see people hanging out in between races or there cheering on friends. It felt like such a long time since I got my hands on a hard lemonade but oh baby it was good. Like, lick your lips and climb the stairs back up to the bar for another good. Sometimes the best drinks are the ones you feel like you could chug after running a mile because they’re so thirst quenching and delicious.
Ok now here’s the good news..Moxie’s has passed along a $150 gift card for me to giveaway and winning it is easier than playing tower jenga while drinking hard lemonade. Check out my latest IG post, follow Moxie’s on Instagram (Tag for hyperlink: @moxies_official) and simply tag a friend you want to take out for some bites and cocktails of your own. Will pick a winner this weekend and send over. Simple as that.
House-made Hard Lemonade will be available at Moxie’s all summer long, so get yourself to one of their patios soon for a seriously refreshing pick-me-up. Chances are I’ll be there throwing the squishy lemons around…

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