Mission: Completed

Posted on June 30, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

Disclosure: I created this post as a paid ambassador for Metamucil® but all opinions and advice are my own.

Well, I did it.

Let’s be honest here, undertaking personal challenges aren’t always the easiest to keep up with. Generally it’s a break in your daily habit which is really why you’re doing it in the first place. To instill a new norm. Whether you’re trying to drink more water, stretch, stop swearing, waking up earlier or increasing supplementation, it’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize.

I did my research when I began and I certainly had a little background knowledge from my career in fitness to know the true benefits of psyllium fibre. As the years go by I’ve been maturing with my habits and this challenge with Metamucil was another one to help improve my digestive health*. I’ve been training much smarter, my nutrition is 1000 times better, I am drinking alcohol only a few times a year now and I’ve started to pay attention to what kinds of things can help my body function on a daily basis. Vitamin and fibre intake became a priority for me so well, here I am two weeks later.

The great news beyond the results is that this is just about the easiest new normal to adopt. All it takes is one teaspoon in a glass before my meals. I did get a little creative by adding to my morning and post workout smoothies but I relied on water most often. One scoop per day for the first three days and then 3-4 each day for the remainder of the two weeks. Now there are two types of results from upping your fibre intake I found. Those that are essentially invisible and those that you can truly see and feel. As I detailed in my first post, there are so many great benefits to Metamucil to help keep blood sugar levels just right and lower cholesterol**. Those are the short-term invisible effects. But what I can honestly say I felt over the last two weeks that was soon noticeable was that I felt less hungry between meals than usual and lighter throughout my day.

What I like about small accomplishments like this is the inevitable ripple effect. When we take care of our body, it’s contagious throughout all of your life. You train better, you eat better after, you sleep better and then you’re up early and kicking ass in the gym the next day. Then you’re making better choices from the menu that afternoon on the patio. On and on it goes and that’s how you manufacture a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be 100% straight up with you guys…I thought Metamucil was a supplement for grandmas that needed regularity. While I have some old man tendencies like 9pm bedtimes and giant cars with tan leather and analog clocks, I wasn’t sure it would be something that could fit into my fast paced lifestyle. I stand corrected, it’s simply an effective and easy way to perform better on a daily basis by helping lower cholesterol levels** and promoting digestive health*. So, I will continue the challenge, to get more info and take on the challenge yourself, follow along on my social channels #MetamucilChallengeCA

*By relieving irregularity

**Lowers mildly to moderately elevated cholesterol levels when taken with a low fat diet


#Ad Challenge accepted. This summer I committed to a new level of health. To look beyond just the surface and focus on my body from the inside out. The #MetamucilChallengeCA is helping me lower cholesterol levels (by relieving irregularity) and promoting digestive health. Metamucil is a psyllium fibre

supplement and I wrote a little something about this personal project on Mr Ocean so go have a peek. [INSERT LINK]





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