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2019/04/23 0 Fitness + Wellness

Ok two things off the start:

1. Doesn’t it feel REAL good to have spring finally arrive?

2. Doesn’t it feel even better to be in the sports month mecca of the year?


The lineup of sports binge watching right now is INSANE. Hockey playoffs, basketball playoffs, baseball is back, which always feels like the perfect symbol of spring for me as I get inspired to dust off my clubs and hit the golf course. I understand not all of us are sports junkies and many of you may prefer watching shows rather than sports, but spring at least gets most of us juiced up to get moving and playing on our own. Last spring and summer felt like the most active one I’ve ever had as I made it a priority to do bi-weekly training sessions outside on the turf or by the water, play lots of pickup ball with the boys, go on hikes with Fred and Junior, and fit in the most rounds of golf I’ve ever played in a season. I even managed to get out to play some softball, which I hadn’t done in a decade.


A really cool part of last summer for me was the work I did with Wonderful Pistachios and how the partnership was so influential in driving my activity outside. I created a couple of workout videos that you can still find on my Insta feed if you do a scroll back or search the #GetSnackin hashtag. I also learned a little more on how to snack smarter in between training sessions, on- the-go as a freelancer, between meals and even on the golf course when it’s easy to lose control and treat it as a cheat day. It’s funny how some little finds in life can make big differences. Sometimes you stumble across an app that helps keep track of expenses or a plugin on WordPress that mass edits image sizes instead of one by one (showing my geek side here) or you simply learn how to help curb your constant hunger. I find Wonderful Pistachios fits into my already balanced diet pretty seamlessly. Listen, it can be hard finding smart snacking options, but like all pistachios they contain a winning combination of fibre, protein and fat. Based on a survey conducted by the brand, they determined that 74% of Canadians snack when they’re bored and 50% of us millennials believe snacking helps them achieve their fitness goals. I believe I fit into both of those categories which is why I keep some Wonderful Pistachios in my gym bag and in the car when trucking through traffic and feeling the boredom.


Anybody here into smoothies? I’ll admit, I’m not a world-class chef so smoothie creation has become a reliable way for me to stay fuelled with only a few ingredients and the press of a button. All you have to do is get a solid machine and keep a consistent stock of your go-to ingredients. I have about four or five favourite recipes that I cycle throughout the week. I usually have one in the morning as I’m ready to head out the door and I like to have one in the afternoon to get an energy boost before the gym. At about 4:30pm you can also catch me fuelling up in my training gear, watching YouTube videos of exercises to try out during my session.


Here’s the recipe of one of my faves with some of my staple ingredients:

– 1 cup skim milk or dairy alternative

– Small handful of frozen avocado (you can get in bags at the grocery store now)

– 2 Dates

– Spoonful of yogurt

– Scoop of protein powder

– Small handful of Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios (now available in Canada #GameChanger)


Okay, want to hear something that’s hard for me to say out loud? I’m turning 34 this June. THIRTY FOUR. I am not afraid of the birthdate on my driver’s license but whoa it feels surreal to think about it. I remember being in my first year of high school and thinking the older 20-year-old dudes that hung around were another generation. They were “old.” Then I came into my own in my early twenties, built a little bit of a life and figured being 30 was a new version of old-man territory. An upcoming era of leaving behind my passion for athletics, crying twins in the back of the minivan as I drove to my suburban townhouse to sit on my recliner, a beer perched upon a big belly that crept in as my athletic build faded away. Well here I am 34 years old, living in an industrial production studio with two little bulldogs instead and more laser-focused on my personal health than ever. I suppose the point here is time or numbers don’t equate to a corresponding lifestyle, decisions do. I’ve decided to live strong and be as healthy and active as I can.


As a blogger, the two most common questions I get asked are “what camera do you use?” and “hey, what’s your meal and fitness program?” As an ex-personal trainer, I’ve witnessed firsthand that some simply don’t have the knowledge or tools to properly care for their body or get in a consistent routine. The thought of a strong, lean and healthy body seems almost unobtainable and that earning one means ridiculous discipline and unreasonable habits. Well, that’s not the case and many of you reading can already attest to that as people who practice a balanced diet and strong training program, but some of you may need to hear this to spark a pivot with your lifestyle. While it certainly takes effort and dedication to be and remain active consistently, there are little decisions and habits you can make that all piece together like a puzzle to form a strong healthy lifestyle. This summer, I am going to continue to work alongside my friends at Wonderful Pistachios to share more step-by-step training program videos and also share some of my meal and snacking secrets. More smoothie recipes, game night snack ideas and also creative little snacks for when the craving hits just a few hours before dinner and you need a fix. So, follow along and let’s make #SummerNineteen a killer one.


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