Staying in Game Shape

Posted on June 6, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

Ever get that feeling where you’re so stressed out that your body is actually telling you it needs to be released? Where you’re thinking, “I gotta go hit the gym or go for a swim or shoot hoops with the guys”. It’s funny how the body can sometimes tell you when your mind is overworked and it’s downright amazing that sometimes that’s all it takes. The feeling that comes from a great workout seems to mask the struggles you were having no matter how significant they were or at least appeared to be.


Now, there are two huge challenges with personal fitness for me and I’m sure for a lot of you too. Number one, staying motivated and not letting monotony take over your training. You need to be proactive with refreshing your routine and complimenting it with other activities like swimming, sports or hiking; anything that keeps you active. Number two, recovery. During my program to get into shape, I was training every single day, no off days. While it was exactly what I needed, I had to be careful not to injure myself and be resourceful to battle the little aches and pains that came with any training program that pushes your limits. You should ALWAYS be pushing your limits and gaining ground.

The truth is, I’m not 21 anymore. The days of feeling zero muscle pain are gone. While it’s not ideal, it just means I have to be smarter and more prepared. Little things like proper stretching, mobility exercises, vitamin supplements and even muscle pain relief and body recovery tools have become crucial for me to maintain good health. Icy Hot has become a staple in my house for months. The first time I tried Icy Hot wasn’t because my muscles were sore after an epic cross-fit session, but because my dog Fred burrowed underneath my pillow at night and I ended up with a stiff neck. I woke up and couldn’t turn my head or look down. I had to tie my damn shoe laces in a mirror. The inconvenience eventually became unbearable so I had to try something and I liked the idea of not ingesting pill after pill for relief. I tried the Icy Hot Advanced Medicated Spray for my muscle pain and ache and I had solid results. I really like it because of how easy it is to apply – it goes on at any angle. Soon after you apply it, you feel a tingling cooling sensation and then the pain subsides. It’s pretty unreal to be honest. A spray and you’re good to go. They also have a cream and a patch and they’re all only about $8-$12.

I’ve tried my best lately to do some new things to crank up my fitness program because the weight lifting did get a little tiresome. I’ve been taking my bulldogs for hikes, took up squash with my buddies and also got back on the basketball court. My dribbling ain’t what it used to be, but I still got a little game. The squash definitely kicked my butt the first couple outings and I was sore. It doesn’t look it but after a few rounds of squash, you’re sweating buckets and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. Hey, nothin’ that Icy Hot bottle can’t handle.

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