Summer Nights with Ciroc

Posted on July 19, 2018 by Daniel Ocean


It’s been hot on the eastern seaboard and yes, that even includes us Toronto folk up here in Canada. I STILL get asked by some Americans on vacation if Canada gets summer…

I’m a summer baby through and through. Fittingly born on the summer solstice June 21st, the sun is my friend and the style is what I love. There’s such a carefree aura to summer. A freedom to wear less, meet with friends more and tiny pockets of joy in a day when you simply roll back the sunroof or get streams of light through your apartment well after 8pm.

Golf is my new baby, sitting by the pool is my new side hustle but sometimes all you need for a summer night is a few chairs and a round of cocktails. While I don’t get out and hit the town much anymore, my favourite way to do it is to kick it for a while before and just hang with the boys. My house is always the spot as my bar cart is loaded, I got the terrace, the dart board and most people really just want to come visit Junior and Fred. I got the boys together for a few cocktails this week and it was the perfect night to try a new bottle of CÎROC Summer Colada. I’ll be straight up with you, I don’t buy a single bottle of vodka that isn’t CÎROC. The smoothness of an ounce and a half of CÎROC on ice is simply unparalleled and you can quote me on that. And yes, I like my drink to have a little flavour when I mix it with soda water. There’s about 9 or 10 flavours in the portfolio so a lot of choices and a lot of cocktails to bring to life. But the Summer Colada is limited edition my friends so you’ll have to jump at this one soon and host the gang with a few beach inspired drinks on ice.

Ok here’s the scoop, like all CÎROC, it’s 5 times distilled from French grapes. Summer Colada is blended with pineapple + coconut hints. What I love is that you are gifted the scent of fresh pineapple and coconut the moment you unseal the bottle. The taste is really quite natural and flavourful and nearly transports you beachside with sand in your hair and a damp swimsuit. There’s really no wrong way to enjoy this new creation. I experimented with a few but really did love it on the rocks with a squirt of coconut cream and water. We also upgraded the night a little with the Colada Remix, which is a simple fusion of 1.5 oz. of Summer Colada, a squirt of coconut cream and the rest fresh pineapple juice. Garnish with a piece of pineapple and top off with a cocktail umbrella and you’re officially in the islands. Gift idea alert. This bottle is gorgeous so be the star that gets noticed at the next get-together or bbq and bring as a gift. It will elevate the cocktail game and make you look pretty premium too. Remember, but only for a limited time…

Here’s a link to some other cocktails to explore. Cheers!


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