The Best + Easiest Look of Summer

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

Summer is special for the bright colours and floral prints but it’s the minimalism of the summer outfit that really sets the season apart. No jackets, hardly any layers, and light textures make dressing even easier than it already it is for men. It’s funny how some of the simplest outfits a dude can put together can end up being his favourites. You all know the feeling, you get dressed quickly because you got somewhere to go, your bud is blowing up your phone from the Uber downstairs so you’re not overthinking it and then bam! You catch yourself in the mirror and you’re feeling it. Hard.

S0 I put together a look in partnership with my friends at Kenneth Cole for the “Urban Uniform” campaign and managed to stir up that very feeling. Essentially the Urban Uniform is all about your go-to, everyday style. How your life as a pro translates into what you wear. We all know that our style and wardrobe choices can instil a confidence in us from the moment we walk out the door. Your outfit can truly be an extension of your personality as a professional and I believe it’s important for a man to showcase the cohesiveness of both. For me it’s all about comfort, versatility and fit. Comfort is confidence, not laziness. It shows you work hard and have earned the right to feel as good as you look. Versatility in my outfit is a direct reflection on my actual business and skillset as an entrepreneur. I do a million different things so having an outfit that can be a vessel taking me through them all is crucial and well, fitting. Speaking of fit, the #1 rule in menswear. Fit is king. Not too fitted, not too loose, the perfect masculine silhouette.

Gotta date? Evening patio drinks with friends? Cafe client meetings? This is just about the EASIEST look to piece together that has that versatility to do all of the above in one day. A fitted chino in any colour, a crisp white tee and a pair of unique sneakers or loafers will do the job. Give the chinos a mini rollup along with the t-shirt sleeves and add a mini tuck in to the waist too. Just like that the look now has some texture and depth yet still looking effortless.

Give it a go. Have a great week, fellas.

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