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I’m a man that finds purpose and peace in creativity. I like to build, tweak a million ways and then share.

My upbringing was unconventional you could say. I grew up fast and I hit the workforce young. While sometimes I ponder what things could have been, I inevitably end up in a mindset that feels appreciative of exactly where I am and how I got here.

Alongside my work as a freelance blogger, creative director, photographer and entrepreneur, I co-founded Platform Media & Management. Recently I added Loft 109 to my life as not only my home, but a backdrop to many events and content creation projects. While I spearhead many, the space is also free to be rented for projects of your making so please get in touch to explore.

Lastly, while I frame and curate so much of my life, it’s still a bumpy and unpredictable one. I am still figuring who I am and what I want to leave behind. I am learning everyday to treasure this opportunity to connect with so many and I am dead-set on creating something meaningful.


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I : @mr.danielocean
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L : 326 carlaw avenue
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