Summer Tracksuitin’

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Daniel Ocean

#1 perk of being your own boss, golfing on weekdays.


I touched on the subject of what I like to “wear to work” in a recent post but like everybody, I have my variations. I grew a pretty strong affinity for joggers and track shorts over the last year and it’s led to an even fuller closet and now a thirst to diversify my collection. I collected your traditional tracksuit of cotton joggers with matching zip-up hoody, I expanded to the all Nike Tech Fleece suit which is one of my absolute favourites, I experimented by adding a velour suit and just recently got my hands on a new summer inspired tracksuit from Province of Canada. 

I suppose what makes it summer is simply the short sleeve crewneck but it’s enough to make the outfit perfect for warmer temps. The absolute truth with buying joggers or full tracksuits is that finding the right fit can be nearly impossible. Drop crotches, baggy bottoms and cheap materials are just a few things can totally poison your search. Track pants were originally made to be baggy lounge or sports wear but eventually morphed into being a legitimate pant for everyday lifestyle. Even partnered with dress shirts or blazers to create a cozy but fashion forward aesthetic. The point is, a jogger can be as form fitting as your denim or chinos but finding the right fit is hard.

Zara had an amazing pair for years until they redesigned the fabric and I was forced to look elsewhere. I connected with Province of Canada, placed an order, gave them a go and was immediately thrilled with the fit. The bottoms are perfect, the material is premium and the matching sweatshirt creates the perfect look for me on my sporty freelancer days.

Canadian made, reasonably priced with a solid, reliable fit. Now just need every colour…



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