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Posted on August 2, 2018 by Daniel Ocean


I consider myself a lucky guy for a lot of things but being fortunate enough to get the keys to a lot of cool cars and beautiful spaces to check out is certainly one of them. I connected with some of the key players behind the new residences at Two St. Thomas in Yorkville and mentioned my interest in potentially packing up and moving to a new home this year. For a man who moved out fairly young at 16 and has packed up his life and moved at least a dozen times from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, I actually enjoy moving. From basement apartments to my first one-bedroom apartment with air conditioning to eventually spacious units in great buildings, every one has been the start of a new chapter in my life. The fresh start is inspiring and it helps me purge belongings I can live without and it’s like painting on a blank canvas how I want to live my life each and every day.

It didn’t take long for Two St. Thomas to graciously invite me to come get a full test drive of the building and amenities. I jumped at it and virtually snatched the keys out of their hands. Located just south of Bloor Street between Bay and Queen’s Park, the building sits on the corner of a quiet street just steps from the shopping heaven of Bloor and just a pitching wedge to the pocket of Yorkville. I’ve always loved and admired the classic University of Toronto buildings that line Charles Street so it made walks with Fred throughout my weekend staycation really quite nice. Lots of sprawling trees to take shade under and have my coffee and more than enough for Fred to pee on.

Really the most impressive things about the building are the interiors. Right from the front door do the expansive lobby outfitted with a gorgeous fireplace, intuitive and massive elevators, to the marble aesthetics and high-tech fitness gym. Being a veteran of condo living for almost a decade now, there are a few things that matter most for me. Friendly and capable concierge staff, cleanliness and efficient elevators. An A+ in all subjects here. The pros at the 24/7 concierge desk were lovely and it was so clean you could eat ice cream off the floor if you wanted to. The elevators are actually the biggest ones I’ve ever been in! No joke. No awkward breathing on the back of your neck from strangers. I did a little digging and found out the parking lot is also outfitted with electric vehicle charging stations and there’s even a private room for washing your dog. Fred is a pretty clean boy but crusty, old man Junior could put that bad boy to use pretty often.

The gym hosts a really cool vibe in the studio portion with plenty of room for plyometrics and rope work, loads of natural light in the cardio section with about a dozen machines to break a sweat and a substantial section of free weights and cable machinery for weight training. Definitely could get a full workout in this gym, without compromise, which isn’t always the case with condominium fitness centres. Another notable highlight of the building is the 12th floor terrace and party room. The terrace is quite spacious and a great spot to just kick it with a cocktail or host a bbq with friends. The view is beautiful and the furniture is upscale and chic. Something your guests would be impressed by.

Our weekend at Two St. Thomas was pretty great. Emails in bed, coffee walks with the boys, training sessions in the gym, strolls through Yorkville picking up new sneakers and meeting friends at Kasa Moto for lunch, wine overlooking the city on the balcony to a night on the town attending a collection preview downtown.





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